End of Summer Update

Heya guys! This is gonna be a real quick update because I’ve been a terrible blogger this summer, and that makes me sad. I have no excuse; I was just a lazy human.

I still want to make a post regarding the one year anniversary of this blog! My first legit post was made on July 19th, and even though it’ll be a month late, I want to honor it. I don’t really know what I’ll do yet. That’s future Gigi’s problem.

I will be leaving for band camp on Wednesday, so I wouldn’t expect any content until after that all ends in about 2 weeks. After that though, school starts, and I’ll actually have a reason to wear legitimate outfits! And makeup! Maybe I’ll have motivation? Hopefully? Also I’m gonna try super hard to not give up on reading like I’ve done every past semester. I’ve read soooo much this summer, and I don’t want that to go away. Books make me feel good.

What’s up for the upcoming months:

I’m gonna try to do 2 posts a week, and at least one of those posts will be fashion related. Once again, don’t hold me to this. This blog is one of my hobbies, and sometimes life doesn’t allow time for those. I’ll be super busy with my frat, colorguard, and school work, but if I can make time for scrolling mindlessly on tumblr until the wee hours of the morning, then I can make time to write up a post.

Anyways, I’ve still managed to gain followers, so I hope I don’t let you guys down! I’m so appreciative of you guys. Thank you so much for sticking around!

LOTS OF LOVE! And enjoy the rest of your summer!



Blog Appearance Update!!

If you’ve been with me for a bit, you’ve probably noticed the new layout! It’s nothing extravagant in any way, but I love how classic it turned out. The banner is definitely my favorite part. I love how the pastel colors look with the black accents.

I also added pages to my menu bar so ya’ll can access my different categorized posts easily! I have some linked buttons in my sidebar as well so ya’ll can follow me on some social media sites. I’m thinking of setting up a facebook page for my blog (it seems like the next thing to do), and if I do that I’ll add it on. Currently I have my twitter, tumblr, and instagram linked. So follow me if you’d like!

I’m just gonna keep the posts coming! Right now I’ve fallen into the routine of Makeup Monday and then a fashion post later in the week. I like that, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be sticking to it. I’m going with the flow this summer, remember?

Anyway that’s it for this update. Thanks for reading!


P.S. New signature, eh? 😀

Not-So-Quick Summer Update

This post is going to come in parts. I feel like a lot has happened since I was last blogging regularly, and I want to keep you guys updated in the least chaotic way possible.

Part 1: Spring Semester Wrap-Up

I did amazingly well this past semester, despite it being my busiest one yet. I really filled up my plate but somehow managed to come out way on top. I got on Dean’s list and straight A’s. As of a few weeks ago, that seemed completely impossible. Talk about pulling it out of one’s ass, eh?

I also finished pledging Alpha Phi Omega! I love being a brother of APO; I’ve made some fantastic friendships while strengthening others. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and went for it. I wear my letters constantly, and I couldn’t be prouder. Also shout out to the best Big in the world!

Oh Classics Colorguard… I’m assuming that there’s a large part of my readership that doesn’t have a very good understanding of indoor competitive colorguard, and I’m not going to try to explain it here, maybe that’s a post for the future? However, all you need to know is that over the past 7 months, I made lifelong friendships and became a stronger person. I bonded with 22 fantastic girls and a handful of coaches, and I couldn’t be happier that I was part of the experience. We got silver at Chapters and All Chapter Championships, and I am so incredibly proud of what we accomplished. I am in love with this activity!

Whew. Well those were the big things that happened. I survived sophomore year,  successfully pledged a fraternity, and spun in a fantastic colorguard. I really pushed myself to the limits over the last few months, and I don’t regret a single thing. I also turned 20 last month! I’m in a really good place right now, even if I’m experiencing a lot of bittersweet, end-of-a-life-chapter feels.

Anyway, with all this stuff filling up my schedule, blogging really took to the backseat. Like wayyyyyy backseat. Almost in the trunk. But really only in the last couple of weeks, if I think about it. I had a few great spurts of blogging during February and March. I actually broke some personal records for the blog! Easily the blog’s success skyrocketed during those months, but then it cut off, obviously. I had plans for some Spring stuff, but the weather never warmed up enough, and everything else took over. Excuses, excuses, I know. Like I said, no regrets, but there’s no denying that my blog inspiration suffered.

I’m officially free and on Summer break, so there’s nothing holding me back now. Except that I’m still recovering from everything coming to a screeching stop. I still feel creatively sapped; so much so that I’m finding it hard to even read, which is one of my favorite summer activities. My brain is just sort of shut down right now. I’m going to have to ride this out and let myself rest. It’s my break and I can do that if I want!

Part 2: What I’m Planning for this Blog

I’m going to keep it super casual. I still want to implement those Spring ideas that I had. Also once my reading does pick back up, I’ll have some accompanying posts. Anticipate the usual: casual fashion, easy makeup, bookish thoughts, and the occasional, wayward write-up, like this.

Also, the one year anniversary of this blog is coming up. I have no ideas really, but I’m sure I’ll post something, so keep a look-out for that!

Part 3: What I’m Planning for this Summer

Just like the blog, I’m keeping my schedule casual and untied. I have a couple of concerts already planned out, as well as a few fraternity things. But overall, I’m trying to stay commitment-free. Last summer I worked too much, and it was absolutely no fun. Sure the extra money was nice, but it and the rest of my summer days went too fast. This year, I’m letting the proverbial wind take me where it wishes. I deserve it after my stressful and successful semester. And even if I don’t end up doing too much, at least I got some relaxation before another jam-packed semester starts up.

Part 4: Closing Words

This was one wordy, long ass post. Apologies. I’ll keep this short.

I’m in a really good place right now. I’m surrounded with love, support, and happiness. That’s all a girl can ask for!

Also, I just want to give a quick thanks to anyone who’s kept up with my blog (or even just made it to end of this post!). I know I have a puny following and don’t post nearly enough, but numbers don’t matter. You guys keep me going and are a big reason I keep crawling back to this mediocre blog of mine. I appreciate ya’ll sticking around.

All of me loves all of you! 🙂

xoxo Gigi.

P.S. Have some group photos of people who have become incredibly important to me. ❤




Also bonus: here’s a group of girls who have been important to me for a long while. Even if all this crazy stuff is happening, they’ll stick with me through it all. ❤


An Overwhelming Update

So, it’s been a whopping 3 weeks since my last post… That passed really quickly.

Three Sundays ago, I decided to pledge Alpha Phi Omega, and that happened to be the thing that completely filled my schedule. I’m not necessarily overwhelmed, but I definitely don’t have much free time. My grades aren’t suffering yet and neither is my mental health. I’m having a good time with new friends, so I’m in a good place.

The bad thing is that, due to my added responsibilities, this blog has taken the back seat. This happened last semester, although that was due to other more personal problems. I have some posts ready to go for this upcoming week, and then after that is spring break, so hopefully this hiatus will come to an end.

Now some things that have happened since I’ve disappeared:

  • I was made colorguard captain for the 2014 outdoor season!!!!
  • Joined APO, and am pledge class president
  • Classics Colorguard got 1st in WGI prelims and 2nd in Finals! HUGE deal.
  • Maintained straight A’s
  • Maintained good mental health

It’s been a pretty eventful few weeks, but I’m yearning for spring break. I need a week of detox and relaxation. I also am in need of a drastic haircut! Everything that this blog consists of (makeup, books, fashion) just hasn’t been very prevalent in my life lately, but I want to change that. More blog activity is coming soon! No worries. 🙂

xoxo Gigi.

Bookish Uniform (Bland OOTD)


Behold my I’ve-been-reading-nonstop-therefore-no-time-to-look-like-I-care outfit. I got books for christmas, so of course I’ve been going and going since then. I’ve finished 3 books since christmas, each book being well over 400 pages… Hey, there’s much worse things I could be doing, right?

So lately I’ve just been cooped up in my room, switching back and forth between youtube, tumblr, and books, and it’s been absolutely perfect. And this has been the perfect outfit for such activities! The cardigan is super warm, and I can take it off and still be comfy. The yoga pants are an obvious choice, and this pair from Old Navy are the absolute BEST. No seriously. Go get you some.

Anyway, this was more of an update post than a outfit one. Although I’ve been reading quite a lot, I’ve also been updating this blog pretty regularly, and it makes me feel productive.  So here’s a short post to make me feel good. Now back to reading!


What I Wore:

Cardigan: Target
T shirt: Target
Yoga Pants: Old Navy


Happy New Year!!
xoxo Gigi.

2013; A Year in Review

So today’s the last day of 2013. This was a pretty hellish year for me. Spring semester was boring and uninspiring. Summer was filled with hard, unappreciated work and no fun. Fall semester was overwhelmingly stressful. Although there was a heavy heaping of shit in 2013, there are some things that I’m proud of:

  • Made it into Classics Independent Guard and actually committed to it
  • Finally picked a career path that makes me (for the most part) optimistic
  • Got work experience
  • Put together my first resume
  • Read my written work for a conference
  • Submitted a written piece for campus publication
  • Got my first letter of recommendation from a college professor
  • Did an AMAZING interview for my school’s colorguard captain position
  • Did an amazing mock career interview
  • Found a love for makeup and fashion
  • Started worrying less about my weight and more about my happiness
  • Started my blog and actually (sorta kinda) kept up with it
  • Went outside of my comfort zone and went to some parties
  • Attended the BEST concert of my entire life (FALL OUT BOY, oh my GOD)
  • And second best (Maroon 5)
  • Stuck with my true best friends

The list is actually longer than I thought it would be. Overall, the year was stressful and hard to handle, but those highlights remind me that it wasn’t completely terrible. I made some bold steps this past year that I think set me up for a great 2014; I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.

xoxo Gigi.