My Optimistic View on the Upcoming Generation

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So nothing that I’m going to talk about in this post should be considered new news to anyone out in the blogging atmosphere (except for maybe a blogging mom that is extremely blind to the developmental internet around her). Yesterday I came home for a nice long weekend away from my hectic life at school, and my mother and I ended up at the dining table and having a 2 hour long discussion about the future of our country, and why I see it turning out a bit more optimistically than she might have.

There’s this thing I like to call the Age Barrier, also known as the blurred line between my mother’s generation and my generation. Most people in their late teens and 20s are completely aware of this. I have come to notice that the up and coming generation is MUCH more intelligent than the Baby Boomers like to give us credit for. Everyone focuses on the immature preteens (which is pretty redundant, because most preteens ARE immature, it’s a part of growing up). My grade level has always soared high above expectations, and I don’t see that stopping or slowing any time soon. The young adults of this generation are more in tune and knowledgeable than people realize. The development and popularity of the internet and other likewise technology has allowed for us to become extremely updated and in turn, involved.

So how does all this affect my outlook on changing and improvement of our society? Well that’s pretty easy to explain… sort of. We might have to go a bit further back first.

Let’s be brutally honest for a second, my mom’s generation was lazy. After all the hullabaloo after decades of two world wars, depression, and numerous civil rights movements, the population was tired. They settled into what I like to refer to as the “Entertainment Age.” Television became more important, music became a lifestyle, and the idea of a stationary, stable, and satiated family became the most coveted. No one wanted to push anymore, they just wanted to be satisfied. With all the new developments that struggled out of this era, the new generation thankfully doesn’t want to sit around anymore. And that’s where I lead to my main point.

People today are constantly advocating for liberal political standpoints: pro-choice, feminism, gay rights, public education. The thing is, there’s not many people my age that are completely against any of these. My generation is for the majority, extremely liberal and open-minded; very much more than our politicians that are responsible for our policies. This is where the Age Barrier comes in. The upcoming wave of politicians, teachers, writers, musicians, lawyers, etc. are completely ready for the liberal switch, but the older generation refuses to break the barrier and let the change happen. Why am I so optimistic then? Because this happens all the time. Every few generations the bucket has to tip back over. Ideals and society change, and eventually the old white guys won’t be able to hold on anymore.

My generation is smart, hard-working, and active. While a large portion of us are still getting an education, in the next five years or so this civilization is going to experience a huge flip, and I truly believe that it’s going to cause a wave of acceptance, equality, and progression. I’m excited for all of this to happen and to be part of it all. As a writer, I plan to be a strong voice as this unfolds, and I cannot wait to see how my generation steps up and makes this society something worth living in and worth being proud of.

Some of the pros to hiring a Gen Y or Z
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