Break Free (OOTD)


Hey y’all! The fashion posts are officially back! I am so passionately in love with this dress that I had to make a post immediately. 

So obviously, I’ve been pretty absent from this blog. However, no apologies or excuses. Life happened; that’s it.

The title of today’s blog is brought to you by my obsession with Break Free by Zedd/Ariana Grande. I’m not a big fan of Ariana, but mostly anything by Zedd really gets me boogieing out of my seat. 

Update on my life? Being captain is hard work. Getting tan basically happened over night. The side-braid is unsurprisingly omnipresent. The textbook buying process was significantly more difficult than semesters past. Using blogspot for blogging is excruciating (doing it for a class). I’m feeling more confident and fabulous that I ever have, thanks to my beautiful friends. Choreographing a sassy swing dance is so much fun. I’m genuinely interested in all of my classes this semester, no matter how frustrating they may be. On the first day my professor for Dinosaurs legit squatted on a chair in the front of the class and pretended to lay an egg. College, man. 

Anyway, on to this beauteous dress.

bottom2 top1

What I Wore:

Dress: Forever 21+
Oxfords: Gifted
Lips: Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain – India


This dress is just so. flippin. cute! The box pleats are incredibly flattering, and teal and gray are my favorite colors to wear! When I saw this dress online, I knew I absolutely had to have it. It fits like a damn glove. The best part easily is that the teal isn’t just big ol’ polka dots; they’re actually speech bubbles!


This is just the perfect dress for me, and I’m so happy about it’s existence in my closet (or more currently: on my body.) I got so many nice compliments today, and yeah… I’m feeling good about it. Did ya notice? 

Also this lippie is bomb. I’m all about that deepened radiant orchid color for this fall. Highly recommend. 



P.S. Here’s a super cute pic of me and my roommate, Heather. She’s gorgeous and just as fabulous as I. I love her!



Kendra’s Fashion Challenge!

kendra fashion challenge banner

Hey guys! Last week I was contacted by Kendra to participate in her fashion challenge! She’s going on a romantic getaway to Miami with her husband, and she wanted some fashion inspiration.

Here’s what she said it’s all about:

“My husband is taking me to Miami on a romantic getaway. It will be just the two of us on this special vacation. There are many things that I want to do, but what I need is outfits and accessories that will fit in perfectly with our stay in Miami. That is why I created Kendra’s Fashion Challenge. The outfits that I want to be wearing can be trendy and simply amazing. While in Miami, we will be bringing our digital camera in order to take numerous photos of our adventures. It is my desire to look back on those photos and see in me a timeless and chic style. We will be staying at the marvelous Biltmore Miami Coral Gables Estate. gogobot is where we learned about this historic hotel. This site has a large amount of real testimony reviews on hotels and many activities that guests can do. Not only that, but we learned about the venues that Miami has to offer. The Biltmore is a fascinating place with a wonderous history and classy look. When my husband and I arrive at the Biltmore Miami Coral Gables Estates, we will be staying at the suite that is known as the Everglades. I really like the open design. Not only that, but the lighting is tremendous. It has a dining room table, a baby grand piano, a desk, a kitchen and a private elevator. I was stunned to learn that Al Capone once stayed here. These accommodations are truly exciting. When it is time for a romantic dinner, the Biltmore Miami Coral Gable Estates has a fantastic restaurant we will be visiting, and that is the Palme d’or. This French restaurant has limited hours, but memorable food. I look and feel my best when I am wearing outfits that are ideal every occasion. It is awesome to have a cute outfit with matching accessories when the two of us do something together. I want to look stunning whether we are having a fancy dinner together or having a shopping adventure.  I am at my best when I am confident with the clothes I wear! ”

She gave me details on what she’ll be up to during her stay, and I came up with two easy breezy outfits: a day look and a night look.

Day Look:

day look

Dress: Forever 21+
Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Modcloth
Necklace: Michael Kors
Midi Ring: Maria Black
Bag: Forever 21
Cuff: Nine West
Lipstick: MAC Sweet Experience

A plus size friendly option! I knew I wanted to do a bright and fun maxi dress for my day look. I actually don’t own any maxi dresses, because finding one that’s long enough for me is quite the challenge. I love the colors of this dress, and I decided to pair it with gold and rose gold accessories. I love how shades of gold work with peach shades for a light summery look.

Night Look:

night look

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Overstock
Bangle: YOOX
Lipstick: Too Faced Melted Peony

I love lacy dresses for romantic nights out. Also, the navy blue looks so good against tanned skin, which I’m sure she’ll have plenty of in Miami! I went with simple but unique silver accessories to compliment the dress and my choice of a bold lip. I love these new Too Faced Melted lipsticks, and the coral-y pink shade pops against the deep blue.

So there it is! Two classic, flattering, and easy to wear pieces for a romantic getaway with a loved one!

Which is your favorite?

xoxo Gigi.

Blue Me Away (OOTD)


During the summer I cling to these kimono dresses. I have 6 different colors/prints, and I live in them as soon as the weather heats up. They’re super comfortable but still flattering! I was just lounging around at home on this day, so I didn’t show shoes, but I’ll wear basically anything with these. I’m not a huge flip flop person, so I’ll usually wear this with my converse or maybe a pair of casual oxfords. My white lace oxfords from Payless would look super cute with this!

This is one of my favorite dresses that I own just for the color alone. This shade of blue is so vibrant and looks so good with my dark hair. With a tan, this dress pops even more!


What I Wore:

Dress: Walmart
Makeup: See my last post!


Also, today is the one year anniversary of me signing up on WordPress!!! I didn’t actually start using the blog until a couple weeks later, so I’ll celebrate properly on the anniversary of my first post. I can’t believe I actually stuck with this thing for a whole year. (For the most part).

xoxo Gigi.


Springing Forward (OOTD)


Last Tuesday, the weather was beautiful and I wanted to celebrate with this simple and springy outfit. It’s one of my go-to looks with some of my go-to pieces. Nothing special here, just felt like sharing.

Also, if anyone knows where I can find basic shirts like this that aren’t v-neck PLEASE help a girl out and let me know! Old-Navy doesn’t sell them anymore, and at Target all I can find are v-neck. These are my favorite layering shirts and it makes me sad to not be able to get any.


What I Wore:

Dress: Forever 21+
Top: Old Navy
Leggings: F21+
Saddle Shoes:  Payless

I sure hope there’s some more mild weather in the future! I’m a huge lover of cold weather, but lately I’ve just been craving spring and summer. I can’t wait! I guess for now I’ll just enjoy my cold spring break.

xoxo Gigi.

Last Days of Summer (OOTD)


So in about 36 hours I will be moving into my apartment and getting ready for my fall semester my sophomore year to begin, so today I spent some of my last hours with my close friends. I am very anxious and nervous, and overall leaving is turning out to be very bittersweet. My job overworked me and it made my summer go by way too fast without me being able to enjoy it, but it still was a pretty good one. I just feel a bit stressed and sad to bid my best friends farewell once again.


This is what I wore for my second to last day with a couple of friends. I hope to hang out tomorrow with some others.

Fun fact, this is the first dress that I wore that actually made me feel pretty and comfortable. I have always tried wearing dresses, but I never felt beautiful enough, and I ended up having an awkward sweat throughout the day. I don’t know what it was about the dress. Maybe it was the more vintage cut, or the comfortable fabric, or maybe by that point I was already starting to browse body positive blogs and it was building my confidence. But whatever this was, it started a dress movement in my life and I haven’t slowed down since. I guess it’s kind of ironic that I decided to end my summer in it.



What I wore:

Dress: Target
Belt: Target (from another dress)
Oxfords: Payless



So yes, my summer is coming to close and I had a wonderful day with some wonderful people. I am still very excited for my upcoming semester and my first year living in an apartment!


I wanted to take a picture of my shoes, my friend said she wanted to be included.


I’m going to miss them so much. But here’s to a new chapter of my life.

xoxo Gigi.

Easy Breezy Tummy Skin?


So have some more webcam photos at night. Sorry, not sorry. I worked all day.

I got this new jersey skirt from target, and I decided to pair it with my striped (you can’t really tell in the picture) button down for a nautical feel. This outfit would be great paired with some cute red shoes and a showstopping red lip, but since I just threw this together for picture and self-esteem boosting reasons, neither of those are pictured here.



So while I was taking the pictures I decided to get a little experimental… I delved into one of the hot summer trends and decided to tie up my shirt and reveal… wait for it… TUMMY SKIN. This is it ladies and gentlemen, the first time I’ve ever (and I truly mean EVER) shown any part of my midsection. But I ended up loving how it looked! Whoever said chubby girls cant work a hot midriff are totally WRONG. Although I need a little bit more self-confidence to rock it outside the safety of my room, I took some pictures for the internet to see before my self-esteem plummeted.



Super cute!

What I wore:

Top: WalmartSkirt: Target
Tote: Small shop in London

I swear I shop at other places than Target and Walmart.



Mint Lace


My first ootd post! This is very exciting!

I threw this outfit together pretty fast. I had been stuck in a styling rut with this mint skater dress and I decided it was about time I busted it out and made it happen. I put my white lace peplum over top of it and I must say I am very pleased with the final outcome! It matched my trusty shoulder purse wonderfully and I was really happy with how it all looked. I wore the outfit with some plain white flats which I didn’t bother picturing.



What I wore:Dress: Walmart
Top: Walmart
Bag: Vintage



I apologize for the pretty crappy webcam photos. My camera wasn’t charged and I waited until the sun was too low to take photos outside anyway. But I really liked my outfit and wanted to document it!

Also, have a bonus outfit photo! I liked how the peplum looked so much I tried this dress with my black satin peplum. This top is way to hot to wear during the summer. I liked the outcome just as much!


Hopefully better quality photos will be coming soon!

xoxo Gigi