End of Summer Update

Heya guys! This is gonna be a real quick update because I’ve been a terrible blogger this summer, and that makes me sad. I have no excuse; I was just a lazy human.

I still want to make a post regarding the one year anniversary of this blog! My first legit post was made on July 19th, and even though it’ll be a month late, I want to honor it. I don’t really know what I’ll do yet. That’s future Gigi’s problem.

I will be leaving for band camp on Wednesday, so I wouldn’t expect any content until after that all ends in about 2 weeks. After that though, school starts, and I’ll actually have a reason to wear legitimate outfits! And makeup! Maybe I’ll have motivation? Hopefully? Also I’m gonna try super hard to not give up on reading like I’ve done every past semester. I’ve read soooo much this summer, and I don’t want that to go away. Books make me feel good.

What’s up for the upcoming months:

I’m gonna try to do 2 posts a week, and at least one of those posts will be fashion related. Once again, don’t hold me to this. This blog is one of my hobbies, and sometimes life doesn’t allow time for those. I’ll be super busy with my frat, colorguard, and school work, but if I can make time for scrolling mindlessly on tumblr until the wee hours of the morning, then I can make time to write up a post.

Anyways, I’ve still managed to gain followers, so I hope I don’t let you guys down! I’m so appreciative of you guys. Thank you so much for sticking around!

LOTS OF LOVE! And enjoy the rest of your summer!



The Lady with the Pet Dog by Anton Chekhov (Short Story Review)

Rate: 2.5/5 stars

Disclaimer: I had to read this for a class, this was the response I wrote for it.

Chekov’s short story “The Lady with the Pet Dog” seemed like it was going to be a charming piece, but it was instead disjointed and disturbing. Once past the choppy, excessive descriptions, the reader could finally focus on the fact that this bored middle aged man was preying on young girls to pass the time. The story was unsatisfying, the characters were left undeveloped, and the plot overall was unengaging.

Other than the main characters, everyone was just so transparent; they didn’t have characteristics or anything really that described them as something other than human. The writing of the characters definitely left something to be desired. It was odd how Gurov was able to leave his family for long periods of time without explanation, and Anna’s background was confusing and uncompleted. Both characters just came across underdeveloped, especially by the end when they finally fell in “love.” Their love story felt unfinished and immature. Although the plot embraced the idea that love can happen to anyone at anytime, the whole thing seemed out of place and inappropriate.

Many enjoy the writing style of Chekhov, but the pompous, stream-of-consciousness was overall irritating. There were specific parts that had wonderfully written phrases and thoughtful ideals, such as, “He had two lives: one, open, seen and known by all who cared to know, full of relative truth and of relative falsehood, exactly like the lives of his friends and acquaintances; and another life, running its course in secret.” ┬áIt was the pieces like this that made the story any bit bearable and worthwhile.

The plot line was predictable, and the characters were unlikeable and underdeveloped. Overall, the short story was disappointing, bland, and surprisingly very forgettable.

xoxo Gigi.

2013; A Year in Review

So today’s the last day of 2013. This was a pretty hellish year for me. Spring semester was boring and uninspiring. Summer was filled with hard, unappreciated work and no fun. Fall semester was overwhelmingly stressful. Although there was a heavy heaping of shit in 2013, there are some things that I’m proud of:

  • Made it into Classics Independent Guard and actually committed to it
  • Finally picked a career path that makes me (for the most part) optimistic
  • Got work experience
  • Put together my first resume
  • Read my written work for a conference
  • Submitted a written piece for campus publication
  • Got my first letter of recommendation from a college professor
  • Did an AMAZING interview for my school’s colorguard captain position
  • Did an amazing mock career interview
  • Found a love for makeup and fashion
  • Started worrying less about my weight and more about my happiness
  • Started my blog and actually (sorta kinda) kept up with it
  • Went outside of my comfort zone and went to some parties
  • Attended the BEST concert of my entire life (FALL OUT BOY, oh my GOD)
  • And second best (Maroon 5)
  • Stuck with my true best friends

The list is actually longer than I thought it would be. Overall, the year was stressful and hard to handle, but those highlights remind me that it wasn’t completely terrible. I made some bold steps this past year that I think set me up for a great 2014; I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.

xoxo Gigi.

Appropriate Attire (OOTD)


Today I had my mock interview for my Writing for the Workplace class. It was just a general interview conducted by a random employer from around the area so students can gain experience in the interviewing process. I OWNED that interview. She loved my personality and thought I was well-spoken, passionate, and enthusiastic. Not only did I sound good, but I looked good too!

I definitely stressed over my outfit. I felt like the length wasn’t long enough and that I wasn’t professional enough. But I really wanted my personal style to come out in my outfit, and this was what I really wanted to wear. I bought this blazer for the purpose of this interview, but personally I’ve wanted one for quite a while now so it was about time I added one to my wardrobe. And this color is absolutely gorgeous. The fit is perfect for me and it is the most comfortable thing ever.



What I Wore:

Blazer: Target
Dress: Target
Tights: CVS
Shoes: Gifted (Similar)
Lipstick: Wet N Wild Megalast in Sugar Plum Fairy and Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet
Nails: Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Barefoot Beige

You all know I love a nice berry lip, and with this blazer I had no choice but to whip it out. I actually only wore the lip butter for the interview for some subdued color but then after I wore the lipstick with a little bit of the lip butter on top.

Also, let’s talk about this nail color. I wanted some polish on my nails but I knew it couldn’t be too over the top. And lo and behold I stumbled across this nude beauty.




Anyway, I’ve been having a REALLY good day and I’m finally feeling optimistic about my future. Too bad this week is going to be super hectic and stressful and this pleasant mood is going to drain right out. Ah well.

xoxo Gigi

P.S. Bonus photo with the roommate.


My Apologies.

I’m sorry for not having any posts this week. I’ve really have not been having the best week with both my physical and mental health. I have a pretty bad sinus infection and my stress levels have been through the roof. I’ve cried more this week than since I’ve been back at school.

I’ve been letting myself down and now I’ve let down this blog, the one thing I really wanted to succeed at. Right now I’m just trying to figure out what it is that I really want to do. So once again I apologize to those twenty some people who read this dinky blog.

I will try to return on Sunday.

Coloring Catharsis


My last post was about how I need to work on lowering my stress levels and not worry so much. So I’ve taken up coloring.

I bought this Winnie the Pooh coloring book for a dollar while grocery shopping a while ago and I decided to break it out. And I actually feel SO much better! Coloring let’s me focus on something innocent and silly, and put all the hard stuff on the back burner for a little while.

So yeah, sorry for the short post, but I have some coloring to do!


Life Update


This is going to be a short post. This is more for my than for my (very small amount of) readers. Now that I’m at school and have a LOT to do, I’m going to try to give myself a loose schedule to work with so that I don’t disappear. I really want to keep this blog going and make myself a better blogger, and to do that I need to push myself to stay on top of things. This is what I’m going to shoot for:

  • Tuesdays: ootd
  • Thursdays: updates/opinions/reviews
  • Sundays: either another ootd or a weekend wishlist type of thing.

I plan to one day expand and work with this, but this seems like a doable weekly setup. My goal is to keep this going throughout my fall semester, and maybe at times even adding in another post here or there if I have time. I am a professional writing major so that requires a lot of writing efforts from me, but I promise to myself and to you my readers that I will adhere to these weekly commitments. If I want to further in this then I need to do this, and I still want to enjoy it. A little work a little play, isn’t that a huge part of blogging?

But anyway, this is my plan. Like I mentioned, my workload is going to be a bit heavy this semester, but I’m going to push to stay organized and in control. I hope everyone else’s school semesters are off to good start as well.

I am so excited for fall!

xoxo Gigi