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I’m coming back! I’ve decided that I missed blogging, so I’m making my triumphant return. More info to come tomorrow!



New Feature: Makeup Monday!

To celebrate one full year of me being way too interested in makeup, I’m gonna be starting a new summer feature! Every monday I’ll have some sort of makeup post up for your viewing pleasure. Woo!!!

First post is already ready for Monday. Are you excited? Because I am!

Happy Summer!
xoxo Gigi.

Lace and Bows (OOTD)



Today’s outfit is a shout out to my wonderful friend Gabby, who wears a lot of chiffon.

I decided that I liked that collared-shirt-under-a-dress look, so I dug through my closet to remake it today. This is one of the first dresses that I bought last year that really made me feel good all prettied up. (Thank you Forever 21+.) The little bow details are freaking adorable, and this pretty pink lace button down is one of my favorite items of clothing. Basically, this outfit was a match made in heaven.

Also, the femininity of this outfit is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Although wear whatever the hell you want on Valentine’s day. Mine’s gonna be spent in practice clothes so, you do you girl.

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What I Wore:

Dress: Forever 21+
Shirt: Target
Leggings: Forever 21+ & Avon
(New!) Boots: Forever 21+

Obviously I’ve been kissing some F21+ ass lately. But hey, they make clothes in my size that I really like, so if they keep it up, I’ll keep buying.


This is my first pair of knee high boots! Finding wide calf boots in a size 12 is practically impossible. However, F21 was having a plus size boot sale so I decided to check it out. Lo and behold they had these boots left in only one size: 12. It was like the heavens shone down upon my computer screen. A couple days later these beauties were all mine. They fit pretty damn well for the price. I was afraid that they wouldn’t fit my calves, but they do perfectly. Now I just can’t wait for them to be broken in…


I’ve got another pink outfit coming up later this week (if I get a chance to wear it with the snowpacalypse that is going to hit my area) so stay tuned!

xoxo Gigi.


Fatshion February Has Begun! (OOTD)


It’s finally here, folks! Fatshion February is upon us.

This is actually super important to me, because it was around this time last year that I started building confidence to wear what I wanted to. I bought a bunch of dresses and actually started wearing them. Although I was excited to find dresses that fit and actually looked good on me, wearing them outside of my room was really hard. It’s still hard to this day. It’s getting better, but I don’t think my personal style will ever be easy for me. I’m not a very confident person, but I’m working on it in multiple aspects of my life.

So in celebration of all this, I tried to push myself out of my comfort zone. I got this dress for christmas, and I absolutely love it, but it’s a bit tight and short. The shortness isn’t really a problem now because I wore it with leggings, but the tightness really made me uneasy. This is also the first time I’ve layered a dress over a button down. Usually I wear the shirts over as a way to cover my arms and any lumps and bumps in my mid section. I always loved the look of it under, but I didn’t think I could pull it off.

Loooooong story short, I did something different today, and I liked how it came out.

picture627 picture628

What I Wore:

Dress: Forever 21+
Button Down: Target
Leggings: Forever 21+
Boots: Payless

Successful outfit, I must say.

xoxo Gigi.


Coloring Catharsis


My last post was about how I need to work on lowering my stress levels and not worry so much. So I’ve taken up coloring.

I bought this Winnie the Pooh coloring book for a dollar while grocery shopping a while ago and I decided to break it out. And I actually feel SO much better! Coloring let’s me focus on something innocent and silly, and put all the hard stuff on the back burner for a little while.

So yeah, sorry for the short post, but I have some coloring to do!


The Kill Order (Book Review)


The Kill Order by James Dashner (The Maze Runner Prequel)

4.5/5 stars

(Disclaimer: I wrote this review a few minutes after finishing the book. I usually do that. I’m sorry if it seems a bit scatter brained, but I like to get everything out while it’s still fresh. Maybe one day I’ll take my time and write and edit a real review, but for now have some scattered opinions. Enjoy!)

Holy. Shit.

Ok so this book is literally non stop from about page 100 until the end. Literally. Non. Stop. No breaths to catch up and understand until about the second to last chapter and then THE END. I just can not even think straight. I really wanted to have a well thought out intelligent review but I just can’t give that right now. The last 50 or so pages are soul-crushing and revealing and I feel like I was just punched in the gut. It fits so perfectly with the series and my brain is just buzzing out of control right now.

Let’s try to make some sense of this review. Now that I’ve blabbered. So the ending basically killed me emotionally, but it worked so. well. with the rest of the novels. What got me with this book and the entire series really is the way it made me think constantly and critically even when I wasn’t reading it or focusing on it. My brain has been consumed with those too-deep topics that we hate bringing to the front of our consciousness because it makes us too dizzy and self-consumed. I’ve been wracking myself with thoughts of humanity and the future and the ideals of existence and holy crap on a cracker I don’t even know how to end this damn review.

Just read the series. Then read this prequel. Just do it. It’s a great read and it really makes you walk away with a sparked sense of being that we all have but needs to be ignited every once and a while.

I have read other reviews about this saying it was mindless action with no plot. But it is COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE. Just like those who didn’t like the 2nd book in this series, The Scorch Trials, they are looking too much into the side details that were meant to be just that, side details. The cult and sacrificial references were not meant to be so strictly criticized. They were more there for the pure fact that humans go a bit dark side when their brains are rattling inside their sick, bruised, and bloody skulls. 

Anyway, I say stop worrying too much about the details and focus on the big picture that Dashner was trying to draw out. Let your mind wander and freak out a little bit on you. I promise it won’t hurt as much as the Flare does.


Here are some of the other books that I am going to read next and hopefully review. I’ve already started The Power of Six, which is the sequel to I Am Number Four, and it is already really good.

What are you reading right now?

xoxo Gigi.