Blue Me Away (OOTD)


During the summer I cling to these kimono dresses. I have 6 different colors/prints, and I live in them as soon as the weather heats up. They’re super comfortable but still flattering! I was just lounging around at home on this day, so I didn’t show shoes, but I’ll wear basically anything with these. I’m not a huge flip flop person, so I’ll usually wear this with my converse or maybe a pair of casual oxfords. My white lace oxfords from Payless would look super cute with this!

This is one of my favorite dresses that I own just for the color alone. This shade of blue is so vibrant and looks so good with my dark hair. With a tan, this dress pops even more!


What I Wore:

Dress: Walmart
Makeup: See my last post!


Also, today is the one year anniversary of me signing up on WordPress!!! I didn’t actually start using the blog until a couple weeks later, so I’ll celebrate properly on the anniversary of my first post. I can’t believe I actually stuck with this thing for a whole year. (For the most part).

xoxo Gigi.



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