Beautiful Disaster – Bookish Thoughts

Beautiful Disaster
Jamie McGuire

Rating: 2/5

What it’s about: A really dysfunctional relationship. But in a really stereotypical college contemporary way.

What I thought:

I was totally about this book for the first 200ish pages, but then things got really weird. The story was repetitive, boring, and predictable. So many people recommended this, and it has great reviews, but honestly it was just another boring teenage love story.

The characters were kind of unrealistic; I still don’t understand what kind of person the main character Abby was supposed to be. Actually, that goes for every character. I found the back-and-forth of Travis and Abby’s relationship so tiring and annoying. I wanted to give up on the story around page 300, just after the whole Las Vegas bullshit, and I totally could have without missing out on anything. Nothing happened except for more angst and terribly written sexual tension.

The worst part was hands down the ending. It was incredibly unrealistic and made me want to gag. I really hope teen girls don’t read this and think that’s how relationships should be. (Especially the sex. Seriously, does anyone even know what foreplay is anymore?)

Everything about this story was just so bland and redundant. I’ve read fanfiction written by 13 year olds that is better. Bottom line? Don’t bother with this story. I really wanted to like it and it just pained me to finish.


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