An Overwhelming Update

So, it’s been a whopping 3 weeks since my last post… That passed really quickly.

Three Sundays ago, I decided to pledge Alpha Phi Omega, and that happened to be the thing that completely filled my schedule. I’m not necessarily overwhelmed, but I definitely don’t have much free time. My grades aren’t suffering yet and neither is my mental health. I’m having a good time with new friends, so I’m in a good place.

The bad thing is that, due to my added responsibilities, this blog has taken the back seat. This happened last semester, although that was due to other more personal problems. I have some posts ready to go for this upcoming week, and then after that is spring break, so hopefully this hiatus will come to an end.

Now some things that have happened since I’ve disappeared:

  • I was made colorguard captain for the 2014 outdoor season!!!!
  • Joined APO, and am pledge class president
  • Classics Colorguard got 1st in WGI prelims and 2nd in Finals! HUGE deal.
  • Maintained straight A’s
  • Maintained good mental health

It’s been a pretty eventful few weeks, but I’m yearning for spring break. I need a week of detox and relaxation. I also am in need of a drastic haircut! Everything that this blog consists of (makeup, books, fashion) just hasn’t been very prevalent in my life lately, but I want to change that. More blog activity is coming soon! No worries. 🙂

xoxo Gigi.


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