Frozen Forest (OOTD)


It has been freaking freezing here the past week, so I’ve been just wearing as many layers as possible so I don’t turn into a popsicle on my way to class. But today I had some extra time to get ready, and I decided enough was enough. I wanted to look cute dammit! So I wore 3, yes three pairs of leggings under this dress. That plus my go to slouchy cardigan and I was actually super warm!

picture615 picture599

What I Wore:

Dress: Target
Leggings (yes all three): Forever 21+
Cardigan: Target
Boots: Payless
Makeup: Post coming soon!!

picture596 picture597

I’m glad I finally got to wear a dress; it was a spirit booster for this already drab week. And I just love this shade of green. It’s a tad bit washed out in the pictures because of all the natural light from the window, but trust me, it’s gorgeous.

I’ve got a couple of posts lined up for this week! Two makeup ones and then a short story review. So keep your peepers open!!!

How are you dressing for this freezing weather? (or your nice mild weather. I’m looking at you west coast. >.>)

xoxo Gigi



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