Tuesday Read-a-thon Update


Pages read today: 229
Pages read total: 560
Books completed: 1
Currently reading: Make Lemonade by Virginia Wolff

Update 1 (8:30am):
18 pages
So the game plan for this morning is to finish up Breaking Point and then delve straight into Make Lemonade. I wanted to finish my first book last night but I was waaaaaay too tired. I only have about 60 pages left though so I’ll complete it very quickly. After I finish it I might do one of the challenges for today. I haven’t even looked to see what they are yet! Alright, off to the first reading session of the day!

Update 2 (1pm):
84 pages and 1 book
Finished my first book! I found myself scraping to the end of this novel. I feel like I hit a reading wall and just really wanted to move on to my next book. I’m glad I finished it though because the ending was pretty dang good! I already wrote my review for it and will post it sometime next week. (it’s already posted on my goodreads.) So I’m starting my second book after lunch, which I should bang out pretty fast. Also I completed the Reading Tactics challenge over on Sarah Says Read. So, another 120 pages and my goals for the day are completed!

Update 3 (8pm):
147 pages
I started Make Lemonade about an hour ago while making dinner and I have completely fallen in love with it. It’s definitely not something I would normally read, but it has really grabbed my attention. 53 pages until I hit my daily goal and 138 pages until I finish this book. I think I’ll be able to finish this by tonight since this is such an easy format to read (it’s written in stanza form). I might do one more update before midnight if I don’t completely fall asleep. If not, I’ll just keep reading and talk to ya’ll tomorrow!

Update 4 (10pm):
Hit my daily page goal. I only have a little over 50 pages left to read for book 2. I might finish before I go to bed tonight, but I’m feeling pretty tired. So we’ll see. Till tomorrow!

Happy reading!
xoxo Gigi


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