Bookish Uniform (Bland OOTD)


Behold my I’ve-been-reading-nonstop-therefore-no-time-to-look-like-I-care outfit. I got books for christmas, so of course I’ve been going and going since then. I’ve finished 3 books since christmas, each book being well over 400 pages… Hey, there’s much worse things I could be doing, right?

So lately I’ve just been cooped up in my room, switching back and forth between youtube, tumblr, and books, and it’s been absolutely perfect. And this has been the perfect outfit for such activities! The cardigan is super warm, and I can take it off and still be comfy. The yoga pants are an obvious choice, and this pair from Old Navy are the absolute BEST. No seriously. Go get you some.

Anyway, this was more of an update post than a outfit one. Although I’ve been reading quite a lot, I’ve also been updating this blog pretty regularly, and it makes me feel productive.  So here’s a short post to make me feel good. Now back to reading!


What I Wore:

Cardigan: Target
T shirt: Target
Yoga Pants: Old Navy


Happy New Year!!
xoxo Gigi.


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