Allegiant – Bookish Thoughts

Rate: 2.5/5 stars

Disclaimer: This will contain spoilers. Also, I wrote this at 5 in the morning right after closing the book and wiping the tears in my eyes. That might show in my writing.

One word: Bullshit.

I can’t say I hated it, because I didn’t. There’s no way I can finish a 500+ page book in 2 days if I hate it. But wow. This was some proper bullshit.

The entire book was one huge cop-out with some character death thrown in for flavor. The death at the end of the book was devastating, yes, but it was just so unnecessary to the theme! If you’re going to kill someone important, there needs to be a very concrete reason. AND THERE JUST WASN’T ONE. There was just so much information and action in the book, and none of it really added to the plot or progressed the book. It was a flat out frustrating read.

Also, I hated reading from Tobias’s point of view. Now that I know the ending, I know why that was needed, but I’m pretty sure that was the ONLY reason, which isn’t good enough.

I just do not even know what to say. It was anticlimactic. 500 pages leading up to nothing. Sure everything was worked out in the end, but there was no climax, no falling action, no anything. It just happened, and someone got killed in the process. Yes the ultimate selfless sacrifice. Never really getting away from your abnegation faction, huh Tris? Oh love before faction… bullshit.

It was just poorly constructed and written. I loved the first two books! I thought they were written really well! But this one… I never did get a concrete image of the Bureau. Every room was half described, leaving me confused when a character moved or did something. The entire Allegiant thing (which was the name of the FUCKING BOOK) was left kind of unexplored, along with their surroundings. The big plot twist (I guess sorta) was so badly handled. I saw it coming, and then it was shit for the next and last 50 pages. I don’t even want to fully get into Tris and Tobias’s relationship. And the forcing of “equality” down our throats.

I could go on, but I’m just super disappointed. This review is making it sound harsh. It wasn’t absolutely terrible. It’s just when I wasn’t cringing or crying, I was bored, and that was about 85% of the time. It finished the series. It resolved it, I guess. The epilogue wasn’t complete shit. It did make me feel something, so that’s kind of the point right? I’m just…. It could’ve been done much much better.

What is it with all these awesome Dystopian trilogies completely shitting on the last installment? I know endings suck to write, but damn.

(I keep telling myself that I am going to crank out intelligent, poised reviews. But I’m just so fired up after finishing a book that I cannot contain myself. Maybe if I make this a more regular thing I’ll tone it up. Maybe.)

xoxo Gigi.


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