My Skin Routine


Having fabulous skin like mine might seem unattainable, but with this simple routine, you can have it too!

Actually (disclaimer here), I honestly do not have a strict skincare routine at. all. Most days I can’t give a shit to do more than splash some water on my face after brushing my teeth. But like 34% of the time, I do this stuff and I feel fab all day long. (It also makes my makeup look better. Go figure.)

picture516  picture515

Left: Purity by Philosophy
Right: Deep Clean by Neutrogena

First up, I wash my face. Purity is for more lavish days. Most of the time I stick to my plain ol deep clean for normal to oily skin. I like the smell of both. But I like the products for different reasons. Neutrogena’s makes me face feel super clean, while Philosophy’s makes me feel silky smooth. If only I could combine em right? But I’m not super picky about my face wash, just so it doesn’t break me out, I’m content.

picture517  picture519

Left: Ultra-Lite Moisturizing Dew by DDF
Right: BB Cream by Covergirl

Moving on to moisturizer. Honestly, I usually skip the moisturizer, but it does make my face feel better. Also, my face makeup cooperates more. I got this travel size sample of this moisturizer from Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula, and I love it. It’s super light, and makes my face so smooth and hydrated. But it’s super pricy and I will definitely not repurchase it. (I heard a good dupe is the Neutrogena oil-free formula. I’m probably going to get that next.) Most days, however, I combine two steps and use a tinted moisturizer to hydrate and even out my skin tone. I set it with powder and move on out! This Covergirl BB cream is okay, but I definitely am going to try a different formula after I finish this.

picture521  picture522

Eos Lip Balm in Sweet Mint
Mini Scrubber

This is a little bonus tip that I do every once and a while, more so in the winter. I love mint lip balms year round due to the awesome tingly sensation they leave on your lips. For this I prefer the Eos texture. I apply the lip balm and then scrub away! It exfoliates, and after I’m done I reapply a hefty layer of the lip balm and it’s like my lips transformed into heavenly plush clouds.

So that’s what I do to make my face feel fresh and fabulous. (How ’bout that alliteration, eh?) It works for me. And I’m always looking to improve it, but when it comes down to it, I’m a lazy shit and never take care of my face the way I should.

What’s your routine? Any suggestions?

xoxo Gigi.


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