Letting Go (OOTD)


There’s been quite a lot of stress in my life as of the last week. For some reason my classes have taken off at an exponential pace and I am struggling to keep up. I’m taking a Writing for the Workplace class and it’s definitely geared towards upperclassmen. I have to write up my resume and I just don’t have much to put on it yet since high school is irrelevant and I’ve been out of it for a year. It’s very frustrating for me since I have to have it ready in two weeks for my mock interview with real employers. It’s just all very overwhelming.

So of course when the first of many thunderstorms rolled in last Thursday I went out in it and ran around for a good half hour. I do this every once and while and it feels. so. good. Running around barefoot in the pouring rain while thunder rumbles and lightning crashes across the sky is one of the best feelings ever to me. It felt amazing to just let go for even a little while.

Letting go and  just letting it all happen is something I am so bad at. I let things wear me down until I can no longer take the burden and I crash. Hard. Sometimes I stay down for weeks and it affects my school work and health.  I really am a bit of a perfectionist and I’m trying to cut down on the pressure I put on myself to get things just right. It usually ends up with me giving up and being disappointed in myself. It’s something I was going to work on this semester but it seems like I don’t even have time to settle into it  at all, let alone better myself.

Hopefully I won’t let myself fall so low again this semester. Everyone has those days but I really want to work on a better self, and letting go and accepting is step one.

Dress: Walmart (for $2!)
Flats: Payless (not worn at time of thunderstorm)



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