Life Update


This is going to be a short post. This is more for my than for my (very small amount of) readers. Now that I’m at school and have a LOT to do, I’m going to try to give myself a loose schedule to work with so that I don’t disappear. I really want to keep this blog going and make myself a better blogger, and to do that I need to push myself to stay on top of things. This is what I’m going to shoot for:

  • Tuesdays: ootd
  • Thursdays: updates/opinions/reviews
  • Sundays: either another ootd or a weekend wishlist type of thing.

I plan to one day expand and work with this, but this seems like a doable weekly setup. My goal is to keep this going throughout my fall semester, and maybe at times even adding in another post here or there if I have time. I am a professional writing major so that requires a lot of writing efforts from me, but I promise to myself and to you my readers that I will adhere to these weekly commitments. If I want to further in this then I need to do this, and I still want to enjoy it. A little work a little play, isn’t that a huge part of blogging?

But anyway, this is my plan. Like I mentioned, my workload is going to be a bit heavy this semester, but I’m going to push to stay organized and in control. I hope everyone else’s school semesters are off to good start as well.

I am so excited for fall!

xoxo Gigi


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