First Day of School! …Kinda. (OOTD)


Sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been very busy with moving into school and getting all situated and settled. It’s been pretty much nonstop with band camp and classes since the 15th. I’m finally starting to find time to breathe.

This is what I wor,e to my third day of classes. I’ve been rocking the graphic tee and comfortable high waisted skirt combo basically since I’ve stepped foot on campus. It was gross and rainy all day today so comfy was definitely the first thing to come to mind. My hair did suffer today, but my outfit did not!



Loving the combat boots on a rainy day. Who says that I have to stuff my thick calves into tacky rainboots? These look good AND they do the job!



Yes, this is a Supernatural shirt. Gotta love some Winchesters on Hump Day!!!

And yes, that’s my roommate photobombing in the background.

What I wore:
Shirt: Redbubble
Skirt: AsosCurve (On sale!)
Boots: Payless



Here have some plus size roommate love.

I have a life update post scheduled for tomorrow where I’m going to talk about the future of this blog while I’m at school and other general things about my life right now. Stay tuned!

xoxo Gigi.


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