Clean and Clear? (Review)


So I used Clean and Clear a lot in my tween/early teen years. In my later years of high school I just kind of switched to soap and didn’t really use anything special on my face. I always had really good skin and never had to pay much attention to what products I used. When I went to college, the water there didn’t really treat my face very well, so I started using Purity, pictured below. It did a good job of balancing my face. This summer though, I decided to try to go back to my old trusy Clean and Clear. I went for deep action, with the exfoliating beads, hoping it would help control my oily bits.

I tend to have drastic combination skin. Very oily in some spots and very dry in others. Usually it’s easily taken care of naturally, but I’m still on the look out for a product that controls it perfectly. I was nervous that this wash would dry out my face too much, but the OPPOSITE has occurred! I’ve broken out multiple times in my oily sections and it only happens after using this product.

I guess I’ll go back to Purity for now and keep my eye out for another product to try.



Does anyone have any suggestions for a product that I could try that won’t cost too much?


2 thoughts on “Clean and Clear? (Review)

  1. I also have combination skin and used to use Clean and Clear. There was a point in my 20s where it didn’t work for me anymore. I’ve switched to using only all natural products and find my face to be in the best shape ever. I currently use an Alba face wash. Good luck on the search! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

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