Wet n Wild Lipsticks? (Review)


As a broke college kid, I’m always on the lookout for makeup that is a good balance of cheap and decent quality. I decided today to check out the Wet n Wild lipsticks.

I got 5 of the cheapest ones they have, which are the silk finish, and one of their more “expensive” matte finishes. Matte finishes are my favorite for lipsticks, but I couldn’t beat the price of the silk ones.

I can’t say I was disappointed for the price, but the shades all turned out a bit more pink that I would have hoped. And the peach colors definitely lacked the right pigmentation. Overall, they’re not terrible, and they’ll get use from me.

Overall? 3/5 stars.

Below are what they looked like on my lips.


1. Cherry Picking (Matte Finish)

This is one of the better ones I picked up. Of course it’s the slightly more expensive one, but I think it’s worth its price. The only qualm I have is that it is a bit dry. I expect that for a matte finish, but this was a little too tough to put on.


2. Cherry Frost (Silk Finish)

This is my favorite of the silk finishes. All of the silk ones went on very easily and felt light and not too dry on the lip. This one was the most pigmented, but this along with the previous one were a little bit more pink than I had expected.


3.Copper Dust (Silk)

I did like this shade on my lips. Once again, it was pinker than expected, but I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked once applied and blotted. This will get a lot of wear from me.


4. Light Beige Frost (Silk)

I was most disappointed with this and the next shade. They were not pigmented much at all and only really added a tinted sheen to my lips. I will probably still use it on days I don’t feel like having a lot of color on my lips, but I was still let down.


5. Sunset Peach

I was excited for this color, because peaches and corals are my favorite to wear, but I was let down. The color in the tube was wonderful, but it just didn’t really transfer onto my lips. It still give a nice tint, so once again it will be used once and a while.


6. Dark Wine

This was my wild card. I picked it up at the last second because I’ve been wanting to test the waters with some deeper colors for this fall. I really liked this maroon color in the tube, but on the lip it kind of went on as a too pink plum color. It also looked a bit cheap on the lip. I will keep it and test it out again someday, but for now I am still on the hunt for the perfect deep red for my lip.

If anyone knows a great deep color for not too expensive I would love to hear it! Also, have you ever tried Wet n Wild lipsticks, and how did you like them? How about other drug store lipsticks? I’ve heard Revlon is the best for low end lip products. I currently own one of their lip butters, and I love how it feels.

I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions!


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