Outer Space and Beyond…


So a couple of weeks ago this gorgeous dress was released on forever 21+’s website and I went wild. I’ve been looking for a galaxy print dress that wasn’t too expensive, too overwhelming, or too small. And then this beauty fell into my life. The print is just out of this world (pun intended sorry not sorry), but I was a bit apprehensive. The back was a little out of my comfort zone. It showcased a part of my body I’m not super thrilled with. I still took the risk and bought it because it was too perfect and right in my price range. I am SO HAPPY I went for it! It’s a tad tight under the bust, but once school starts up again I should tone up that part real quick anyway. I strapped on my best strapless bra and I was in heaven; my back didn’t bulge much at all! Also the neckline is super cute and flattering for my chest. Everything about it is perfect and I am extremely pleased.



What I wore:
Dress: Forever 21+
Boots: Payless

In other news I got my new pair of boots! I have wanted a good pair of black combat boots for a long time and now I finally have them! They are also pretty damn perfect. You have no idea how hard it is to find cute shoes in a size 12. Thank goodness for Payless.



P.S. I just completed my last shift for this summer at Subway. Thank goodness! Now I’m free to enjoy the last couple of weeks of my summer.



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