Easy Breezy Tummy Skin?


So have some more webcam photos at night. Sorry, not sorry. I worked all day.

I got this new jersey skirt from target, and I decided to pair it with my striped (you can’t really tell in the picture) button down for a nautical feel. This outfit would be great paired with some cute red shoes and a showstopping red lip, but since I just threw this together for picture and self-esteem boosting reasons, neither of those are pictured here.



So while I was taking the pictures I decided to get a little experimental… I delved into one of the hot summer trends and decided to tie up my shirt and reveal… wait for it… TUMMY SKIN. This is it ladies and gentlemen, the first time I’ve ever (and I truly mean EVER) shown any part of my midsection. But I ended up loving how it looked! Whoever said chubby girls cant work a hot midriff are totally WRONG. Although I need a little bit more self-confidence to rock it outside the safety of my room, I took some pictures for the internet to see before my self-esteem plummeted.



Super cute!

What I wore:

Top: WalmartSkirt: Target
Tote: Small shop in London

I swear I shop at other places than Target and Walmart.




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