Mint Lace


My first ootd post! This is very exciting!

I threw this outfit together pretty fast. I had been stuck in a styling rut with this mint skater dress and I decided it was about time I busted it out and made it happen. I put my white lace peplum over top of it and I must say I am very pleased with the final outcome! It matched my trusty shoulder purse wonderfully and I was really happy with how it all looked. I wore the outfit with some plain white flats which I didn’t bother picturing.



What I wore:Dress: Walmart
Top: Walmart
Bag: Vintage



I apologize for the pretty crappy webcam photos. My camera wasn’t charged and I waited until the sun was too low to take photos outside anyway. But I really liked my outfit and wanted to document it!

Also, have a bonus outfit photo! I liked how the peplum looked so much I tried this dress with my black satin peplum. This top is way to hot to wear during the summer. I liked the outcome just as much!


Hopefully better quality photos will be coming soon!

xoxo Gigi


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